English Guide

Welcome to Tokyo-skytree !


22th May 2012,Tokyo-skytree opened  through 6 broadcast-companies  project from 2003.

It stands  in Sumida-ku,downtown of Tokyo, and its  height  is 634m (2,113fts), the tallest self-supporting electric tower all over the world.

"634" can be read  "musashi" in Japanese. It means the name of the old Tokyo area.


From openning day, 640million people have got a landscape at TEMBO-DECK (350m) and TEMBO-GALLERIA(450m) , 4,400million people came to Tokyo-skytree-town from all over the world in only one-year.


Many people take public transportation, but those who live far away from tokyo area or have small-children,handycapped take their own car. But in this area, the number of parking lot is not enough and so expensive.  

" t-parking " can clear up these problems: looking for parking space. We have complete reservertion system.


1. Time zone reservertion   


All-day zone     6AM  to 24PM    \1,500

In general, parking lot near Tokyo-Skytree-town costs more than \600 per hour.


2. Easy to reserve

Please reserve  on our web site (24hour) .


3. Security 

We have a fense around parking space, so that you can keep your car from scratching other cars or being scratched by them or passengers.


4. Park and Ride

Our parking lot is situated within 15 minutes walk from Tokyo-skytree-town.

You can also take the train at Hikifune station Tobu-line to "Tokyo-Skytree(tobu skytree-line)," the next station or "Oshiage (tokyo-metro hanzoumon line)," which takes about 10 minutes. 


We support your great day at Tokyo-skytree !